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Our Vision

To be a globally recognised education, research and thought leadership partner in the development of world-class human resource professionals who propel organisational and societal change, create strategic alignments and sustainability in 21st Century organisations.

The Human Resource Development Graduate Programmes Unit at the University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus transforms global organisations and societies through the development of students who are equipped with the necessary academic, research, and professional skills, theoretical knowledge in organisation and in the management and development of human resources by:


  • modeling the scientist-practitioner approach in the direct application of these competencies and knowledge;

  • providing innovative solutions that enhance individual, organisational and societal capabilities;

  • supporting leaders and employees in developing a culture of exceptional service and continuous learning, and

  • empowering employees to induce a sense of equity that contributes to organisational and societal development through their awareness of being respected, challenged, and valued.

Our Mission


Our Values

We hold these values to define the core of who we are and how we operate:


  • Integrity – We live by our word, and will not flinch from upholding the highest ethical and moral principles in dealing with our various stakeholders.

  • Courage - We are unafraid to challenge convention, and interrogate ourselves and our stakeholders, as we seek bold and innovative solutions to our organisations’ and nations’ challenges.

  • Resilience – Through a strong sense of purpose and an ability to see our daily challenges as opportunities for growth, we lead organisational and national transformation.

  • Discipline – Our seriousness of purpose in working to engineer sustainable growth and transformation within Regional organisations and societies, guarantees that, at all times, we seek to meet the highest standards of interpersonal conduct and quality service delivery.

  • Accountability to all of our stakeholders - To the degree that we are able, each of us exhibits an intrapreneurial spirit where we take personal responsibility for achieving the Unit’s objectives.



The Organisational Analysis and Assessment Centre
c/o The Human Resource Development Graduate Programmes Unit
Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work
1B Aqueduct Flats
The University of the West Indies
Mona, Kingston 7

Tel: (876) 970-6466


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