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Our Organisational Analysis and Assessment Centre is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of your organisation from information that has been gleaned through using a range of internal and external strategic analysis tools. By leveraging these advanced analytical tools and methodologies, we offer actionable insights that drive decision-making and organisational improvement. 


Our team of experts provide tailored solutions that have derived from your data to identify the root causes of issues that impede productivity, innovation and profitability within your organisation.


Contact our team today about any of our services:

Behavioural Assessments which includes observation-based assessments, self-report questionnaires, and 360-degree feedback to evaluate behavioural tendencies and interpersonal skills.

Psychometric Testing measures of cognitive abilities, personality traits, aptitude, and emotional intelligence, ensuring a holistic evaluation of each individual.

Training courses and workshops in any of our specialisations including: training and development, performance management, job analysis and job evaluation, group dynamics, organisational diagnosis. 


For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at Let us help you unlock your organisation’s full potential through comprehensive analysis and targeted assessments.



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The Organisational Analysis and Assessment Centre
c/o The Human Resource Development Graduate Programmes Unit
Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work
1B Aqueduct Flats
The University of the West Indies
Mona, Kingston 7

Tel: (876) 977-9301 | Ext: 8583


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