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4 Weeks


About the Course

This is a course in Psychology, Social Psychology and Sociology. It examines the factors that produce and influence behaviour particularly in workplace settings. It is a theoretical course that is at the same time concerned with practice and research. “Applied”, in the title of the course, emphasizes, for HRD, that theories and research studies should be investigated for their relevance to improvements in everyday work life. “Behavioural” refers to the general domain of study – human behaviour, including individual, interpersonal and group levels of analysis. The “Science” component must be emphasized as well, given that we seek to ground interventions in knowledge that is gathered through the scientific method. By situating work life in the context of larger social systems, the course offers the opportunity to appreciate Caribbean realities of social structure, history and culture. Through the theoretical perspectives of psychology, sociology and social psychology, we attempt to provide broad lens for understanding human behaviour. An emphasis is also placed on developing oneself as a scholar at the Masters level, and hopefully sets the stage for achieving excellence in the entire programme.

Your Instructor

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